The medalists in the women's Olympic triathlon had a twist for the podium Saturday. 
No smile and wave.
No chomp.
But a jump, in unison, with their hands outstretched.

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

It made for one of the more endearring images of these Rio Games.
"That was Nicola's idea," said Gwen Jorgensen of the U.S., who won the gold. "She said, 'Let's do something fun. So, we have her to thank."
Nicola Spirig of Switzerland, the gold medalist in London in 2012 and the first female triathlete to claim multiple Olympic medals, said she suggested to Jorgensen and bronze medalist Vicky Holland of Britain that they do something different.
"You always have to just stand there and smile and to that," Spirig said, holding her silver medal up next to her face. "I did that four years ago. So, I was like, I don't want to do it, you know?
"I said let's do something else. I said, 'Let's jump!"
So, they did.
"Hopefully," said Jorgensen, "you got some good photos, too."