(AP Photo/Andre Penner)
Understanding the qualifying rules in canoeing can be challenging, even for race officials.
On Wednesday they got their own rules mixed up when they sent Czech paddler Martin Fuksa through to the final of in the men's 200 canoe singles, instead of defending Olympic champion Yuri Cheban of Ukraine.
The rules say the eight final slots are given to the top two finishers in each of the three semifinals, plus the two-third placed finishers with the fastest times.
But race officials misinterpreted their own rules, giving the last slot to Fuksa, even though he was fourth in the semifinal. Fuksa had a faster time than Cheban, but the Ukrainian placed third in the third semifinal and should have advanced.
They eventually realized their mistake and said Cheban, not Fuksa, would race in Wednesday's final.
The same thing happened in the women's 500-meter kayak singles, where Russia's Elena Aniushina, who was fourth in the second semi, initially was sent through to the final instead of Serbian paddler Dalma Ruzicic Benedek, who was third in the first semi.
The ICF swapped the two in a revised start list for the final.